The ALL-NEW Shabbat Factory

Age: 3+ 
Duration: 1 hour 
Student Cap: 45
Students Take Home: Kiddush Cup/Challah Cover

  • An exciting and fascinating workshop for kids of all ages .
  • Hands on presentation of wine making for Kiddush.
  • Children will watch a multi media presentation about wine making.
  • Learn all about the meaning and beauty of Shabbat.
  • Wine making process includes kids choosing the good grapes from the bad ones.
  • Kids walk away with challah cover/Kiddush cup


  1. Design very own Kiddush cup (Institutions get to choose to 'paint' the cup or 'mod pudge' with tissue paper.)
  2. Children get to braid their own Challah and then take it home
  3. Make and design beautiful Challah Cover


The Mezuza Workshop

Duration: 1 hour 
Student Cap: 28
Students Take Home: Brass Mezuzah Case

Aided by diagrams of home entrances and doorways, and with an assortment of Mezuzah scrolls and beautiful covers, students: There are many elements that ensure that a Mezuzah is Kosher. The children will gain an appreciation in the complex and quite detailed process that makes a Mezuzah fit for use through the Mezuzah Workshop. Their purpose and underlying reason are all part of the discussion. Students view the process of making a Mezuzah scroll and observe many different types of Mezuzahs and Mezuzah cases. Excitement grows as students craft and decorate their own brass Mezuzah case.

Tefillin Making

Recommended Age: 11 +
Duration: 45 minutes 
Student Cap: max. 35 students

Participants learn about the art and skills of Tefillin fabrication, including some of its hidden meanings. The students touch and examine an assortment of parchment samples, scripts and Tefillin sets and follow the process of creating a Tefillin set, starting with a piece of raw hide. They then perform the task of a  sofer (scribe) and proofread copies of a Tefillin scroll and try their hand at making a Tefillin knot.

Havdala Workshop

Age: 5 + 
Duration: 45 minutes 
Student Cap: max. 28 students
Students Take Home: Havdalah Candle, Spice Holder and Laminated Havdalah Card 

Students dip candle strings in hot bees ’ wax and weave together the thin-waxed strings to create a traditional Havdalah candle. Participants also make a fragrance holder for use in the Havdalah ceremony by pressing bits of clove spices into foam balls. The Havdalah ceremony is then demonstrated and reasons and customs are part of the discussion. Students will each receive a full-color laminated card of the Havdalah service.

Kosher Workshop

Age: 6 + 
Duration: 45 minutes 
Student Cap: max. 45 students

The Kosher Workshop will provide an engaging "crash course" regarding the laws of keeping Kosher, it will: 

  • Introduce children and families to the fundamentals of kashrut.
  • Take participants behind the scene to see the intricacies of kosher certification.
  • Provide a hands-on experience of kosher shopping.
  • Demonstrate the practical practice of kashrut observance in our home.

Tallit Seminar

Recommended Age: 10 +
Duration: 45 minutes
Student Cap: max. 30 students
Students Take home: Tzitzit Knot

A display of a variety of Tallit/Tzitzit styles and sizes captivates the attention of the students. Participants explore the process of Tallit-Making and the origins of the different styles and colors. Students discover the significance of Tallit lines, blue thread and Tzitzit (knotted strings) and learn the formula to tie and knot Tzitzit, which they take home in an attractive holder.