About Us

The Jewish Learning Experience links Jewish learning to Jewish practice and family celebrations through a series of creative and stimulating hands-on programs and events. Children and their families are actively involved in this educational process.




An Invaluable Resource For:

Raising the spirit and bringing fresh excitement to Jewish learning.
Experience the beauty and joy of Shabbat, holidays and festival rituals and observances.
Internalizing ideas and concepts, leading to inner growth and further learning.
Stimulating hands-on programs linking Jewish learning to Jewish practice and family celebrations.
Gaining an expressive appreciation for Jewish tradition through active personal participation.
Involving parents and families in the educational process.


The mission of the Jewish Learning Experience is to transform Jewish values and ideals into a vibrant force in the lives of children and youth through positive experiences. Instilling the desire to live Jewishly, and to actively participate in and contribute to the Jewish communities heritage and practices, is the key goal of this program.